Our Story

In September 2000, Donna Pritchard-Jovaisas founded Canapés Catering. It started after a conversation with a close friend who was hosting a rather large event that required a catering service. At the time, Donna hadn’t even considered pursuing this as a career option. However, she has always been well-known for her cooking, and this seemed to be the perfect fit. Donna catered her first event of 175 people, and the business took off from there. Since then, Donna has perfected many aspects of catering, and now has a steady clientele.

Donna, Owner of Canapés Catering.

If you ask Donna about her job, she’ll tell you that she absolutely loves what she does. For her, the best reward is hearing someone compliment one of her dishes, and seeing them enjoying her food first-hand. Canapés Catering is an extremely personal business, and we pride ourselves on building and maintaining close relationships with our customers.

What makes Canapés Catering unique is the fact that all of our clients can be traced back to Donna’s first two clients in 2000, who have remained loyal customers to this day. Thus far, we have had no online presence, gaining new business through recommendations and reputation alone. However, we are expanding and looking forward to this new opportunity.